What exhibitions do magnetic geometric shapes manufacturers attend?
We attend the CTE(China toy expo), Canton Fair.There is a wide diversity of trade fairs and exhibitions available for magnetic geometric shapes manufacturers to attend. Among them, industry exhibitions and international exhibitions are the main options for Hangzhou Jinjuyou Technology Company Limited to showcase and demonstrate our latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent trends and opportunities. The industry exhibitions, attended mainly by the industry pioneers, are more specific and may not open to the public. And we prefer to make it a routine to participate in such trade fairs to learn the latest technologies. We also cherish the opportunities for international exhibitions to attract overseas customers.

JinjuyouTechnology is recognized for its original magnetic building tiles products. According to the material, JinjuyouTechnology's products are divided into several categories, and magnetic building blocks is one of them. Our international designers can help you to design magnetic toys. The specially-made block comes with a stable structure. From incoming material inspection to process quality control, JinjuyouTechnology pays high attention. The product has been exported to 40+ countries, covering Italy, Germany, USA, Canada, and Singapore.

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