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Visit by India Customer


One month ago, one of our customer from India came to visit our factory, he wants to customize a magnetic building blocks toy, but have not found a suitable cooperative factory. From our website: he knows that we can provide customized services, and we have experienced designers and professional R&D teams.


When we communicated with customers of the product details, we find that there is a big problem of the magnet, resulting in poor magnetic properties and insufficient connection. According to our designer's advice, we made the following changes:

1. Hexagon: Change the 12pieces Y35 magnet to 6 pieces N35 magnet(reduce the weight and enhance magnetic, so it will be easy to hold).

2. Hexagon: Changed the fixed magnet into cylindrical movable magnet, so each side can be connected easily.

3. Spike: Changed the fixed magnet into cylindrical movable magnet, so no matter how you move, it all can be firmly attracted.


Customers are very satisfied with our suggestion, and the finished products are also very good. Now we are not only long-term partners but also goods friends.


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