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Let’s talk about magnetic tiles


Speaking of the magnetic tiles, The magnetic tiles toy was invented in 2006 by Larry Dean Hunts, the first generation of magnetic tiles officially launched. It has won several patents and is popular all over the world.

Why does the magnetic tiles so popular? This is because the magnetic tiles covers a wide range of ages, playability, and profound meaning of preschool education. These are the reason why it has quickly become one of the STEAM teaching toys popular in Europe and America. on the other hand, the magnetic tiles is made of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is environmentally friendly material. undoubtedly the most important reason for the usage is because it is no harm to children. In the process of building different styles, children develop and acquire at least 8 kinds of abilities: color recognition ability, physical coordination ability, mathematical logic ability, spatial thinking ability, social interaction ability, artistic creation ability, observation thinking ability and self-learning ability.

Magnetic tiles
Children develop abilities
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