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Let’s talk about blocks


Experts said that flimsy blocks will cause the children with high blood lead level even lead poisoning when kids touch or nip the blocks because of the non-environmental paint on the surface of the blocks. Kids getting sick of lead poisoning will appear nonspecific clinical symptoms include colic, intestinal diseases, constipation, anaemia and ADHD etc. So wooden blocks and plastic blocks which one is better?

According to this question, we will give some tips based on our experience.
1.The color of the wooden blocks are brighter than the plastic blocks and more attractive. But the paint will chipped when use long time. Although plastic blocks will not chipped, the material of plastic is a important issue whether it is poisonous or not.

2.Wooden blocks are heavier than the plastic blocks, little baby will like playing the plastic blocks, but both have a same problem that both are easily collapsed.

3.Wooden blocks have many limitation like the heavy. Wooden blocks often combine with other toys like railway train toy to create more interests. So the diversity of plastic blocks can make more different shape of building toys.

That’s the tips above. Our product not only have these strengths but avoid the disadvantage. We have plastic and wooden blocks toys with magnet embedded. Common blocks have limitation like toys building easily collapsed. But our product use N35 strong magnet embed into the blocks and can make blocks building models easily and steady. Also our plastic blocks using ultrasonic welding technology to combine the blocks and magnet to ensure the magnet will not leave out when blocks dropping.Our plastic is new&non-toxic high quality ABS Plastic,pls be assured of the safety.

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