Is JinjuyouTechnology professional in producing Classic Magnetic Building Blocks ?
Hangzhou Jinjuyou Technology Company Limited is professional in the production of Classic Magnetic Building Blocks . We have a sufficient working area and serious production process & control. We allocate sufficiently spacious areas for the products and their raw materials produced so that they do not get mixed. The production site is divided into storage areas for products and raw materials, raw material receiving areas for products to be tested, and areas for discarded raw materials. The entire production process is carried out under the supervision of authorized technicians. All containers and mechanical production equipment are controlled and labeled according to the specifications of the products produced, and the batch number is given.
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JinjuyouTechnology has strong competitiveness in capacity. JinjuyouTechnology's magnetic building tiles series include multiple types. The product is stain-resistant. Its body, especially the surface has been treated by a protective sleek layer to guard against any contamination. Our product has many certification marks, like EN71, CE, ASTM and CPC. This product is unbelievable! As an adult, I can still scream and laugh like a child. In short, it gives me the feeling of childhood. - The praise from one tourist. After long-term use, the product can still retain its magnetism.
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By providing highly cost-effective products, JinjuyouTechnology brings a high-quality life to customers. Contact!

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