How many people in JinjuyouTechnology export department?
Our export department have 16 worker, and the products have been sold to US(about 37%), EU(about 29%), Australia(about 13%), Canada(about 3%), India(about 6%) and some other countries(about 12%).

MNTL's products have been designed with love for nature. According to the material, Hangzhou Jinjuyou Technology Company Limited's products are divided into several categories, and magnetic building tiles is one of them. This product is less likely to fall apart or even breaks. Its structure is firm and sturdy enough and can withstand wear and impact. The product is made of N35 grade magnet and ABS plastic. JinjuyouTechnology is actively investing in new technology research and development, world-class design capabilities, and superior manufacturing processes. The product can inspire the imagination of boys, girls, and even adult.

MNTL has been abiding by the rules of national magnetic educational toys manufacturer. Get an offer!
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