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Hangzhou JinJuYou company visit the Yuliao Sea


On July 13th of 2019, Hangzhou JinjuYou company organized a 2-days company trip to Yuliao in Cangnan.

  The destination was far away from Hangzhou, meanwhile, we decided to go there by car. Therefor, we got up when day just bright.

On the way, sleepy but excited. After 5 long hours, we arrived. Everyone looked like exhausted and hungry. To our delight, it was time for lunch. We ate variety of seafood and drunk wine. It was really delicious. After lunch, we decided to have fun on beach where the sky was clean and bright, the wind was wild and pleasant, the sandy beach was soft and comfortable, and the sea was so magnificent.

Someone ran, someone swam and someone drove beach else. Our team took many photos there and sailed out to sea to finish in person.

Eventually, we fished many kinds of seafood, and cooked as our dinner.

With the end of dinner, the trip was over. All of us were sleepy. I slept early with a good dream.

  When we wake up, it was time to go back. Look forward to coming back again!

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