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Hangzhou JinJuYou company visit the West Lake


On May 17th of 2019,Hangzhou JinJuYou company has organized a company trip to the West Lake in Hangzhou.located in the west of Hangzhou, is one of the first national key scenic spots in China and one of China's top ten scenic spots. It is one of the main ornamental freshwater lakes in mainland China, and is one of the few World Heritage Sites and the only lake cultural heritage in China. Here you can enjoy the lake,Gushan, Baidi, Sudi and Yanggong Dikes etc., to have a relaxing day.

We arrived at LongXiaoqiao station by metro.Although the weather was really hot,the lake was so clear that we stopped taking some photos.We sit under the tree which was by the lake.We share our delicious snacks to each other,sang beautiful songs together.

After the meal,we took a walk around the West lake.We found that Su Di and Bai Dike cross the lake, Xiao Wei Chau ,the three small islands of Huxinting and Mekongdun stand in the heart of the West Lake. The Leifeng Pagoda in Xizhao Mountain and the Baoding Tower in the Gem Mountain are separated by the lake, thus forming “One Mountain, Two Towers, Three Islands, The basic pattern of the Three Dykes and Five Lakes.

When it became to dark, the music fountain began to play, we chose some suitable seats to listen to the music and take photos of the fountain.With the end of the music fountain,the trip was over.Tired but pleasant,look forward to coming back again.

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