Does Jinjuyou enjoy high popularity?
At least Hangzhou Jinjuyou Technology Company Limited is a brand known by industry insiders. It has been developed for years. Its marketing started when our company was established. Its exports to foreign countries help enlarge our international influence. In future, it may be known to more clients and users.

Developing building blocks toys is the core of JinjuyouTechnology's long-term business. According to the material, JinjuyouTechnology's products are divided into several categories, and building blocks toys is one of them. The well-selected toy bricks building blocks materials guarantee the quality of building blocks toys. It is characterized by premium transparency, bringing a magnificent visual experience. The product has an elegant translucent appearance. It has gone through vitrification and sintering at a temperature of up to 2000 degree Fahrenheit, which gives it a unique brightness, whiteness, and translucency. The product has been exported to 40+ countries, covering Italy, Germany, USA, Canada, and Singapore.

The company culture MNTL sticks to is to make qualified magnetic toys, and provide qualified services. Call!
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