Could you please say sth about the details of children's building blocks ?
The details vary by product. Depending on the type and depth of the information you are looking for, you are better off turning to our customer service. Some details are available on the product page. We can assure you that all of our building block are endowed with excellent detail using quality materials and sophisticated technology.

Hangzhou Jinjuyou Technology Company Limited offers a well-curated, contemporary collection of magnetic educational toys. According to the material, JinjuyouTechnology's products are divided into several categories, and magnetic educational toys is one of them. magnetic shapes for toddlers is one of the unique characteristics contributes to the success of magnetic toys. It is lightweight and easy to assemble. This product is hard yet it is typically smooth and pleasantly cool to touch. Its finish is made of high-quality ceramic glaze which is finely fired. The product can inspire the imagination of boys, girls, and even adult.

MNTL's mission is to offer the best magnetic educational toys for customers. Please contact us!
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