Can magnetic balls and sticks for toddlers sample charge be refunded if order is placed?
Hangzhou Jinjuyou Technology Company Limited will return the sample charge to you when ordering, or deduct them from the order payment. The sample is completely the same as our original product. It is made of the same quality raw materials and also goes through the same manufacturing process. It shares the same value as our product. We require 30% paid upfront and 70% once the production is complete. All payments are typically completed before the product is shipped. The more products you order from us, the more favorable payment you'll get.

JinjuyouTechnology is one of famous manufacturers for magnetic building tiles in China. According to the material, JinjuyouTechnology's products are divided into several categories, and magnetic building tiles is one of them. This product is less likely to fall apart or even breaks. Its structure is firm and sturdy enough and can withstand wear and impact. It comes in red, orange, yellow, pink, green, purple, blue, and other colors. From design, production to use, all process for producing magnetic squares and triangles comply with international green energy specifications. It lays a foundation of three-dimensional thinking for math and science skills.

JinjuyouTechnology will never lose its ambitions and still worked hard on supplying high quality magnetic building blocks. Ask online!
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